House Rules

Puffles’ House Rules

Since the start of 2011, Soph Warnes has very kindly hosted Puffles’ original House Rules which I drafted while I was still in the civil service. I tried to compress a series of “Please don’t get me sacked!/Please keep away horrible media fire storms!” rules into the twitter profile but there was not enough space. Since late October 2012, I have started delivering training commissions in Whitehall for Westminster Explained. This means I have to bear in mind the impact blogging and tweeting will have in future tweets and posts. Hence updating House Rule 1

  1. [Updated] Puffles must bear in mind the impact tweets may have on current and future training commissions Bestest Buddy undertakes;
  2. Puffles does not swear – ever;
  3. Puffles’ re-tweets (RTs) are “for info only” and do not indicate agreement or disagreement;
  4. Puffles is a peaceful dragon fairy, deploring violence from/on all sides;
  5. Puffles asks everyone to keep things legal, polite & peaceful;
  6. Puffles likes to educate people about how the UK is governed, and likes to inform people of their legal and constitutional rights. Puffles sees such activities as an essential part of being a public or civil servant and Puffles is happy to assist those public and civil servants in that regard;
  7. [Updated] Puffles remains party-politically neutral – a photograph with Puffles does not imply approval of political party or organisation – or of an individual’s policies;
  8. Puffles refrains from personal insults and asks that other tweeters and tweeple show similar restraint;
  9. Puffles reserves right to block and/or report for spam anyone Puffles likes, incl spambots, hatebots, trolls and tweeters/tweeple who Puffles decides are behaving in a disruptive or disagreeable manner;
  10. Puffles reserves the right to lampoon and satirise anything that Puffles wants, but Puffles only aims to do so with a big smile.

House Rules for A Dragon’s Best Friend Blog – (Taken from here)

I wrote a set of House Rules for Puffles, which were first posted on Soph Warnes’ blog in late 2010. The purpose of these rules were to scare off journalists from trying to sting me in the way the corporate media went after my good friend Sarah Baskerville. (See Patrick Butler on this, here.)

On the whole, those original house rules remain for this blog – with the exception of being able to engage in party-political issues. My general principles regarding engaging with this blog are:

1)   Don’t be evil

2)   Don’t hate

3)   Don’t be disruptive


4)   Give credit for good stuff where it’s due – even if it’s from someone from a different political affiliation/viewpoint to yourself

5)   Try to separate facts and evidence from opinion and personal disposition

6)   Share and share alike

The difference house rules have made with Puffles is that they set expectations early on – people knew soon enough what sort of creature and account they were engaging with. Disruptive people were either blocked or simply lost interest as a result of being ignored. Life’s too short and I’ve wasted more than enough of it already.


8 thoughts on “House Rules

  1. In light of the house rules, may I have permission to link your blog to my website so my year 11’s can have a look at your writing style as part of their wider reading for the non media fiction section of the GCSE?

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