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The post-election dust begins to settle

Summary What can we expect from the political parties? I’m not going to be one of those commentators who tries to explain how they predicted the correct general election result when the record shows anything but. I didn’t expect the … Continue reading

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How Cambridge Labour councillors on Twitter can help new MP Daniel Zeichner

Summary Some thoughts on new Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner’s way of working. Mr Zeichner posted the following tweets: Ok folks. For proper responses to serious questions email me at But do bear with me while we get set up! — … Continue reading

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Parties report rise in membership after Conservatives win general election

Summary More thoughts on the next five years – including training, development and support for those with desire and potential to stand for election I mentioned to a friend earlier today that in Whitehall & Westminster, the traditional big offices … Continue reading

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Encouraging women into local democracy – featured examples

Summary Featuring some of the women I filmed & interviewed during the general election campaign 2015. Here’s Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of The Green Party with an appeal to students & young people in Cambridge In terms of student activists: … Continue reading

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Summary How do I reassure my very concerned Facebook & Twitter communities over what’s about to hit us all over the next five years? Is it as @Stavvers says here? Even in the face of adversity, there’s a little bit … Continue reading

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Daniel Zeichner becomes Cambridge MP by 600 votes over Julian Huppert.

Summary Delighted for Daniel, gutted for Julian. The 2015 result is here The 2010 result is here I’ve posted a few tweets having found out the results. I ran out of mental health spoons so didn’t make it to the … Continue reading

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Why the battle between Daniel Zeichner & Julian Huppert matters for Cambridge

Summary Some thoughts on what either might be like as MP for Cambridge. The bookies have Julian Huppert of the Liberal Democrats slightly ahead of his rival Daniel Zeichner of Labour. We know what Dr Huppert will be like given the … Continue reading

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It’s the students & young people that are making this election campaign interesting

Summary The mainstream party operations have delivered us nothing but a yawn-fest. So it’s great to see students and young people bypassing the sterile zones around big name politicians and taking seizing their destiny with their own hands. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Democracy is not a spectator sport – so don’t expect to be spoon-fed.

Summary Some thoughts on the bare minimum people can do in order to cast an informed vote – should any of the candidates impress them. This post is mainly targeted at people in & around Cambridge, but the sentiments apply … Continue reading

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Now that the public debates are over…into the final week of campaigning

In Cambridge we had the best part of 30 hustings and public debates in the run up to the 2015 general election. That’s not counting the events for the constituencies of South Cambridgeshire and South-East Cambridgeshire. I’ve been to many … Continue reading

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