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Now that the public debates are over…into the final week of campaigning

In Cambridge we had the best part of 30 hustings and public debates in the run up to the 2015 general election. That’s not counting the events for the constituencies of South Cambridgeshire and South-East Cambridgeshire. I’ve been to many … Continue reading

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Will the 2015 general election mark a low point in national politics?

Summary Pondering on the wider national campaigns – and the woefully poor mainstream media coverage Because what else is there to do at 2am than write a politics blogpost and drink port to slay the insomnia demons? I was at … Continue reading

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Filming the Cambridge 2015 elections

Summary Observations so far For those of you outside of Cambridge, this 20-minute exchange on BBC-East covers a general exchange between the five party candidates. I am also adding videos from the election campaign to my Cambridge general election 2015 playlist … Continue reading

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‘Tory turmoil as ex-council chief quits amid social media firestorm’

Summary A busy day for Cambridge Conservatives  They say 24 hours is a long time in politics. Earlier on, former Conservative councillor & leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, Mr Nick Clarke, switched allegiance to UKIP. Around the same time, Cambridge Conservative … Continue reading

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And…they’re off! The race to get elected begins!

Summary Let’s not forget that in Cambridgeshire, we have local council elections too! The candidates have been announced: Cambridge City South Cambridgeshire East Cambridgeshire Fenland Huntingdonshire And….the lack of consistency across the election pages is farcical. As is the lack … Continue reading

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Making a film about the general election campaigns in Cambridge – want to get involved?

Summary Can we crowd-source support for a documentary on the Cambridge election campaigns?  I was discussing this idea earlier this week with Claire Meade, having pondered what to do with the increasing amounts of video footage I’m collecting during this … Continue reading

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One day like this a year…

Summary The cost of a bus ticket: £4.10. Entrance to the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Free. Outselling some of the big-name bands from the mid-1990s that I saw at the Corn Exchange: Priceless. The Dowsing Sound Collective don’t make beers… Oh, … Continue reading

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Apps ‘n’ gadgets for community reporting

Summary Some ‘not just for boys toys’ that I’ve become lately obsessed with – useful in the run up to the general election I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages, so here goes. Modern smartphones – powerful things: … Continue reading

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Trying to prioritise in the constraints of not great mental health

Summary Wanting to do everything, but not being able to. The past few weeks have been incredibly intense from a personal perspective. Yet had I had sound mental & physical health, all of this wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary. … Continue reading

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On campaigning charities and political parties

Summary Why the rise of large non-party-political campaigning charities vis-a-vis the shrinking of mainstream political parties leaves me a little uncomfortable Seven environmental-related charities and organisations have got together to organise a London-based hustings. (See here). You’ll be hearing of … Continue reading

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