The foundations

Many bridges, one Cambridge

This means:

  • We can become a city greater than the sum of our parts
  • We’re all in this together because we are all part of the same city
  • Civil rights: everyone has the right to take part in improving our city
  • Civic responsibilities: what part are you going to play in making Cambridge a better place?
  • We are inclusive, not exclusive

Any plan to improve Cambridge needs to be built on strong foundations. These foundations set the context and values of what Cambridge to become. They are also a common reference point that actions and inactions can be referred back to. For example does the lack of engagement from a large institution go against what our communities believe is its civic responsibility? Is the lack of participation of some parts of our community (for example because they have not been made aware of what is going on) a breach of their civil rights in the values?

‘Bland foundations?’

They have the risk of becoming so if we don’t build on them properly. As statements the above bullet-points are not particularly controversial. Most people and institutions probably could sign up in principle without much trouble at all. The challenges arise they are held accountable for not acting in a way that reflects those values. This also means we’ve got to recognise and speak up when we feel the values are being compromised. For example the lack of diversity on the boards of large &/or influential institutions.


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