Cambridge City Council Election 2014 – Coleridge Ward

An Unofficial Guide For Residents by Puffles and Chris Rand

I borrowed the idea from Chris Rand (@CherryHintonBlu) who made a page for residents in the neighbouring ward of Queen Edith’s. (See here). As you can see, he’s better at web design and coding than me – but part of this campaign involved me learning new skills!

What is this election for?

The election on Thursday 22 May 2014 is for a Councillor to represent the residents of Coleridge ward on Cambridge City Council.

There are five candidates. The voting system is “first past the post” – voters choose one candidate, and the candidate with the most votes wins.

You can find out about what the City Council does here. You can find out how to vote here.

Coleridge Ward

Coleridge ward is the area on the south side of Cambridge, centred around Coleridge Rec and the Parkside Federation’s Coleridge Campus (the old Coleridge School) – main roads being Coleridge Road, Perne Road and Cherry Hinton Road. (Wingtip @RtaylorUK for the map). It is one of 14 wards in Cambridge. The ward has three City Councillors. One Councillor is elected in each election year, to serve for four years.

The Coleridge Councillor currently holding the position which is up for election is Lewis Herbert (Labour).
Lewis Herbert is standing for re-standing for election.
The two Councillors from Coleridge ward whose terms of office are not up for election this year are:
Jeremy Benstead (Labour)
George Owers (Labour).
Previous election results are listed at the foot of this page.

Who are the candidates standing?

The five candidates standing in Coleridge are

  • Donald Adey – Liberal Democrats
  • Sam Barker – Conservative Party
  • Shaun Esgate – Green Party
  • Lewis Herbert – Labour Party
  • Puffles the dragon fairy (ie Me!) – Independent

What are the candidates standing for?

Have a read of their websites, and please submit questions!

Cambridge Conservative Party

Cambridge Green Party

Cambridge Labour Party

Cambridge Liberal Democrats

Puffles the dragon fairy

Note with Twitter

The local parties tend to use their Twitter accounts less frequently. If you are interested in Twitter exchanges, have a look at the people following the Twitter accounts mentioned above. These often show the personal Twitter accounts of councillors, candidates and activists across Cambridge.

Previous Election Results

2013 Cambridgeshire County Council Coleridge results [electorate: 6,484, turnout: 1990 (30.7%)]

Candidate Votes % Share
Sam Barker (Con) 347 17.5%
Shaun Esgate (Green) 149 7.5%
Bill Kaminski (UKIP) 272 13.7%
Noel Kavanagh (Labour) 1071 53.9%
Thomas Spencer (Liberal Democrat) 148 7.4%
Photo source
Photo source

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