Archive – 2014 Election

Summary: I stood as ‘Puffles the dragon fairy’ for election in Cambridge. This page has links to the various things in my campaign.

See here for news of Puffles standing in Cambridge.

This page is the landing page for my ****first draft**** of my manifesto for Cambridge.

Actually, scratch that idea of drafts. I seem to be learning new things every single day, tweaking and amending things from what I’m learning from the great people of Cambridge. Therefore I’m going to call this a ‘living manifesto’ – one that evolves over time and can respond to new ideas and new challenges.

The links to the various pages are below. I have set them out like this because I am inviting constructive criticism, suggestions, ideas and amendments to this. If you are going to post comments, please note Puffles’ house rules apply – see here if unfamiliar.

I’ve put in a significant amount of work into this document – not just in writing the manuscript and typing it up, but a significant amount of community outreach and listening. There are a couple of years worth of blogposts on community events in Cambridge that reflect this – see here. I’ve lost count of the tweets from said gatherings! They also flow from things like these slides on some ideas for Cambridge.

The document is meant to be a starting point for a series of discussions which I hope will lead to actions. I don’t claim all of the ideas in there to be original – most of them have their roots elsewhere. What I hope is that this will make a different. Interested in your thoughts.

The Foundations

Many bridges, one Cambridge summarises the context and values of this manifesto. They feature in each of the themes and form common reference points for many of the ideas.

The common links

Digital, dynamic and passionate describes both what and how we can increase the chances of the ideas in the ten themes coming to fruition.

The ten themes 

Click on the relevant theme number to see what I’ve written in each one.

Theme 1) Grassroots challenge

Theme 2) Supporting young people

Theme 3) Talent in public institutions

Theme 4) Lifelong learning for living

Theme 5) Civic responsibility from institutions

Theme 6) Supporting our friends and neighbours in surrounding towns and villages

Theme 7) On public buildings and public spaces

Theme 8) Green Cambridge

Theme 9) A safe city

Theme 10) A healthy and active city

And there you have it. My starters for 10. Any thoughts?

Puffles with a baby dragon fairy outside a polling station in 2012
Puffles with a baby dragon fairy outside a polling station in 2012



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