Being trolled and gaslit by the mainstream media – and it’s working


What is Johnson trying to hide behind the noise? Because it’s exhausting having to respond to every single insult that in normal times just would not have been said, let alone hurled across the airwaves.

I’m utterly exhausted by it – and this week is supposed to be National Inclusion Week. Yeah right. The political infernos are still burning. Today, it was the turn of the BBC. As Paul Bernal of the University of East Anglia stated:

This was regarding the BBC selling out Naga Munchetty, and the letter from from Britons of Colour. And when recently knighted Desmond Swayne poured more lighted fluid on the flames, again the response seemed muted.

Given what has been happening in the news, the fact that a senior Conservative MP can make such a statement is just depressing. I pity him that he feels he needs to do so.

“Is this all to drown out the allegations around privileged access and a public grant of over £100,000 to Jennifer Arcuri?”

This is one of the things being picked up in the foreign press – this from CNN. Only a few hours ago Johnson conceded to appearing before the London Assembly to account for his actions while Mayor of London. The allegations of an affair are just another sideshow in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s not forget that Johnson ***should have already resigned*** following the ruling of the UK Supreme Court was unlawful, void and of no effect.

Above – Lady Hale, President of the UK Supreme Court, announcing the ruling of 11 Supreme Court Judges on the legality of the suspension of Parliament.

For me, those are the two issues to pressure the present administration (it can hardly be called a Government) on. Furthermore, opposition political parties need to start communicating their visions for the future much more prominently. Because as David Jamieson writes, feeding the outrage machine is a trap.

190927 Stop feeding outrage machine commonscot

Above – Stop feeding the outrage machine

Easier said than done – but the political parties need to start ramping up their communications functions because at the moment Johnson and Cummings are manipulating the lot of us as several MPs said over the past few days.

I can’t pretend not to have been caught up in it. Something has broken inside me this week.

I don’t normally swear like this. As those who have known me for the longest, when I do they know that something has disturbed me big time.

….like this below

The muted response to the published comments of the Tory candidate for South Cambs has surprised and disappointed me. As was the decision of the constituency party to overlook those published articles to select him given the two more better qualified candidates.

“I predict a riot”

The Kaiser Chiefs (named after a South African football team) wrote a song about it.

…which is one thing, but to go on national TV and say that there ‘should’ be one is something else.

….which was my relatively muted view earlier in the day, while former Newsnight reporter Christopher Cook found something from the history books that will be familiar to longtime political watchers but not many others:

…as did this post on the 2011 riots. Contradiction?

So it’s not surprising that I’ve gotten hold of two Lady Hale-themed t-shirts – I don’t normally do political clothing. When you look like me it’s a red rag to raging-bull-type-fascists looking for excuses to attack ordinary members of the public.

This level of political violence is ***Not Normal***

“How do we even begin to respond to such a campaign?”

Don’t feel you have to fight it alone. The forces are too great.

The answer to [political] violence is more democracy

Which was the response from Norway to a mass-murder of young progressive political activists by a fascist murderer in 2011.

That doesn’t mean everyone has to join a political party and become a grassroots activist 24/7. For those of you with a social group that you meet with on a regular basis, it may be a case that each of you chooses a different local cause or issue to follow, so that in the back of your mind you automatically know that someone else has got the other issues covered while you focus on the one that interests you. So think of who the campaign groups are that campaign on:

  • Education – schools & colleges
  • Healthcare
  • The Environment/Nature
  • Transport (esp non-car transport such as walking, cycling, bus, rail)
  • Housing and planning

Because the next general election looks like it will be quite a bitterly fought one. But it is also one that progressive people cannot run away from either. The alternative outcome is far to frightening to imagine. Because more and more, it feels like ‘Never Again’ is Now.