Pouring inflammable liquids on political infernos


The fallout of the most toxic day in the House of Commons in recent parliamentary history – even more so than the expenses scandal of 2009 and the Iraq War of 2002/03.

For those of you who want to watch the first day back following the ruling of the UK Supreme Court, you can watch it here. The part featuring the statement from the occupant of No.10 Downing Street, and the fiery Q&A session that followed, is here starting from 7 hours in. The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell tried to follow up with a point of order – the Speaker asked the PM to stay but he walked out – watch the video here. It was confirmed in the official record as Sky News Political Correspondent Lewis Goodall confirmed below:

And as a reminder, it’s not just the UK that is watching:

…in the meantime, former Prime Minister Sir John Major thinks there is still one way the Government could get the UK to crash out of the EU with no deal.

In the meantime, one of the most distressing scenes to watch was the PM insulting and abusing women MPs who were pleading with him to tone down the tone and rhetoric. He didn’t. He did the opposite. As a result, those women MPs are now being bullied online and in the streets by his foot soldiers and trolls.

And the children of politicians are being affected too.

Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband also called out a worrying theme that MPs should vote a certain way in order for the threats to stop.

And this encounter below should have resulted in the resignation of the PM’s chief adviser.

Then there was this from the PM’s sister, Rachel Johnson on what might have been influencing her brother’s behaviour. Her comment about wealthy fund managers surely must have raised questions on national security and whether the PM was at risk of blackmail to the extent that it affected government policy.

At the moment, everything feels like this excerpt by The Daily Mash.

Watch the above clip here.

It’s been a grim few days for women in public life, as Jane Merrick states.

I don’t normally do political t-shirts, but I ordered one with Lady Hale’s spider on it as a simple act of solidarity.

Because The Rule Of Law: (You can get your own one here – 30% of proceeds goes to Shelter, the homelessness charity).

But with these chaps on the street…

…and another arrest following an attack on an MP’s office, we are living in very, very dangerous political times. And that’s before considering the climate crisis and the Extinction Rebellion occupation planned for October. Because as this spoof advert from Australia shows, We’re Fucked.

And in our lifetime too.


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