Where were you when Ken Clarke got kicked out of the Tory Party in the Commons?


Even the news people can’t believe it.

Actually, this show down was a very long time coming. The warning shots were fired ages ago, but ultimately Theresa May’s administration prevailed. But today, against Mr Johnson, they didn’t – and backbench MPs took control of the Order Paper.

So, having taken control of the order paper, they hope (with the help of the House of Lords) legally prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal. If this law is passed, Mr Corbyn has said that he will support a general election, but *not before the law is passed* on blocking a ‘No Deal’. This looks like a success for lots of people who leant on Mr Corbyn to make such a move.

All of these now ex-Tory MPs have had their party whip removed.

…which includes two former chancellors of the exchequer and a host of former cabinet ministers. This is not normal. Count them. Twenty-one. Even Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames went.

It’s a bit like the expenses scandal that got rid of so many long-standing MPs. At the same time it’ll be interesting to see which MPs choose to contest their seats without the Conservative backing.

At a more local level, in South Cambridgeshire the Liberal Democrats have a decision to make – and quickly: Do they oppose Heidi Allen MP with their own candidate against chum of Boris and writer of inflammatory articles Mr Browne, or do they unite behind her against a candidate even less suitable for the county than Andrew effing Lansley? Browne has written more than a few articles that have whipped up prejudice against immigrants. Hence why I find him utterly unsuitable to represent a seat with Addenbrooke’s hospital in it. But then that’s the new Tory party under Messrs Johnson and Cummings.

More defending democracy protests

One or two people on the pro-leave side have complained to me about the fanaticism of some of the Remain side – forgetting that actual convicted racists have been out in support of Mr Johnson and co.

Then there was this incredible headline below:

…which is an incredibly irresponsible thing to do for any politician, but as we’ve discovered, the ‘normal rules’ have been suspended if not wrecked, and as Caroline Lucas said in a speech scathing of Mr Rees Mogg, the only solution is a written constitution.

You can watch Caroline’s Speech here.

Also, Puffles told everyone – with a snapshot.

…and the notifications went into meltdown.

This does not automatically mean there will be a general election this autumn, that the UK will get a second referendum, or even that the UK will ultimately remain in the EU.

Events are moving incredibly quickly on this issue – while other urgent and important policy areas are put on the back burner. At the same time, a lot of people are getting a crash course in parliamentary democracy. That said, our laws need an urgent update before we go into a general election. Read this by Full Fact.

There’s not long in which to table and pass such a bill through Parliament.