Can Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats work together to solve Cambridge’s transport problems?


And not just the city, but in the districts that surround Cambridge as well

The Liberal Democrats won two thirds of the seats on the new South Cambridgeshire District Council last week. The scale of the collapse of the Conservatives was huge, and makes the next few years more than interesting for those of us local democracy watchers.

New mandates

It wasn’t just South Cambridgeshire that had elections, Cambridge City Council had elections as well – but only for a third of their seats. See the results here. Castle Ward went from Independent to Liberal Democrat (by 25 votes) while Labour snatched Trumpington (formerly Mayor Jean Barker/Baroness Trumpington‘s ward) by four votes. I can imagine there are a few people in those wards kicking themselves over not getting out to vote.

Cllr Lewis Herbert was re-elected without the distraction of Puffles around – and interestingly the total number of votes cast in 2018 was lower than in 2014. But unlike South Cambridgeshire, Cllr Herbert didn’t face any opponent campaigning over City Deal/Greater Cambridge Partnership issues.

Multiple mandates for single projects?

The new representative for South Cambridgeshire District Council on the City Deal/Greater Cambridge Partnership Board is Cllr Aidan Van de Weyer. South Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats sent out the press release as below.

So that’s at least one major project that will need a complete rethink by the Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership. The first meeting of the joint assembly is on the 14 June at The Guildhall, Cambridge. All welcome.



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