Cambridge election time – candidates’ videos


So, who wants free short introduction videos filmed for their campaigns?

I filmed my first videos for the 2017 Cambridgeshire County Council elections on 04 May 2017, and also for the county mayoral elections on the same day. Here’s the Green Party’s candidate Cllr Julie Howell.

You can contact Julie at

My principles pretty much follow that of The Democracy Club.

I would say democracy is going through a crisis – but it’s been a crisis that seems to have been going on for a very long time. My attempt to improve things with these videos is simple: To give voters in my city and surrounding districts the opportunity to hear the candidates in their own words and in their own voices introduce themselves and explain why they are standing.

It is then up the the voters/viewers to decide if they want to make any further contact with the candidate concerned.

In 2016, candidates from four of the political parties standing in and around Cambridge took up the offer. Along with several hustings and the contest for the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner, you can see the videos of a range of candidates in my 2016 playlist here.

In 2015, I did the same for candidates standing for both the general election and local elections for four of the political parties standing in and around Cambridge. You can see the videos here

I filmed, edited, produced and publicised 48 videos for the elections in 2016, and 59 in 2015. I went out of my way to persuade lots of very reluctant candidates to appear in front of camera – at my own expense too.

This year I am happy to make similar videos as in previous years, and I will help you make a short introduction video that I would be reasonably happy to put out to the public myself. (If it’s that bad, I wouldn’t release it – it’s not fair for intro videos).

However,  I am not going to go out of my way to persuade candidates. My health alone doesn’t allow me to make long journeys on public transport to film reluctant candidates or be told that a candidate doesn’t feel like being filmed when I arrive.

Politics as we have all seen has changed. The public now expect candidates to be much more willing to be interviewed on the media and appear on social media and video.

The format is dead simple, as Cambridgeshire Labour’s Gareth Wright demonstrates:

In under 60 second we know:

  • Name
  • Party
  • Ward/division the candidate is contesting
  • The local authority that the candidate is standing to be elected to
  • a very brief summary of the local issues as the candidate sees them
  • A couple of policies
  • Restating name and also the date of the election concerned.

No awkward questions, no attempts to catch you out, just 60 seconds in which you have the chance to pitch your case not just to potential voters, but to people who might be asking whether yours is a local party they might want to get involved with and find out more from. This is your electronic shop window that is potentially working for you ***while you are asleep***

Interested? Send a tweet to Puffles at @Puffles2010 or email me at antonycarpen at gmail


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