Tabled Qs for Cambs County Council on 13 December in Cambridge

Summary: The deadline for submitting tabled questions for Cambridgeshire County Council’s full council meeting on 13 December, is 1:30pm on 06 December. 

The deadline of 06 December gives council officers a week to brief the executive councillors of the responses to public questions tabled for the meeting on 13 December at Shire Hall – it starts at 1:30pm if you’re interested. The meeting details are here.
I have just tabled the following questions to

1) What legal powers does the county council have, and what legal duties does the county council have regarding poor air quality in Cambridge and towns in the county?

2) What plans does the council have to bring in a smart ticketing system that works for all bus and/or public transport providers?

If you are at college and are free that afternoon, the campaign for lower fares for 16-18 year olds by the Campaign for Better Transport may be of interest. You could table a question to councillors about that. Alternatively, email them via
On air quality, this stems from the bumper-to-bumper traffic in my neighbourhood that is becoming more frequent far outside of rush hours. This seems to coincide with me now having to use inhalers because it is having a bad impact on my breathing. Furthermore, the alerts in London today from the Mayor of London tipped me over.
The second one is sort of related – all day and season tickets between different bus firms are not interchangeable in and around Cambridge. Oh the efficiencies of privatised bus companies. With the Cambridgeshire County Council elections coming up in May 2017, my thinking is to get as many issues onto the public record and on video so as to help stimulate and inform debate across a number of areas that the county council has responsibility for. That might help concentrate the minds of the parties standing candidates in the elections.
Anyway, if you’ve not seen what asking questions is like, I made a guide below:
If you want to ask a question in public at the meeting on 13 December, you need to email your question to by 1.30pm of 06 December.

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