Asking questions at council meetings in Cambridge & South Cambridgeshire



Some guidance & links on getting involved in local democracy through local councils

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December council meetings – if you need a break from festive shopping

Cambridge City Council:

What are such meetings about? Have a listen to Cllr Richard Johnson.

Never been inside the council chamber at The Guildhall? You are more than welcome to attend public meetings here – have a look at this video below:

Any questions? Contact the council’s democratic services officers:


Cambridgeshire County Council

The list of council meetings is at & is regularly updated.

Their rules on public speaking are slightly more restricted, meaning you have to give a week’s notice of questions (ie email them in advance ( of the question you are going to ask). The public can still attend meetings. See my video below.

Any questions? Have a read of or email

Greater Cambridge City Deal

Events & meetings are listed at with contact details at – again, you need to give notice (this time 3 days) of questions you want to ask at public meetings.

The video below is an example of public questions being asked at a city deal assembly meeting inside South Cambridgeshire Hall.

I’ve not yet found guidance notes for South Cambridgeshire District Council (I’m sure they’ll inform me in the comments below or via Twitter – several of their councillors & officers follow Puffles), but their lists of meetings is via

[UPDATE] – South Cambs tweeted back to Puffles:

South Cambridgeshire District Council also has a youth council – while Cambridge City Council does not. Unfortunately this means Cambridge City is not represented in the British Youth Parliament that meets in the House of Commons. Cambridge residents, if you have an issue with this, write to your city councillors at

Campaigning through local campaign groups

You can campaign through residents associations (declaration of interest, the Federation of Cambridge Residents’ Associations (@FeCRA2 on Twitter) financially support my filming of city deal and local plan meetings) or through local interest groups. Some that regularly ask public questions include:

Cambridge Cycling Campaign – campaigning not just about cycles but on urban design and making Cambridge & surrounding areas more pleasant to live and travel in.

Cambridge Past Present and Future – campaigning for a more sustainable future for Cambridge – and against unrestricted urban sprawl.

Unite Cambridge – The Cambridge branch of the community union, often seen campaigning on affordable housing and social justice issues in Cambridge

Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service members – have a look at their members list here.

If you don’t want to stand up and ask a public question at a meeting…

…you can always ask one of your local councillors to ask the question on your behalf. Contact them via

Keep an eye on what all are doing on Facebook click on the links below:



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