***The Conservatives Crashed The Country***

…and ran away from the scene of the crime.

If Labour were not imploding as they currently are, their senior politicians would be all over the media repeating the above, and ensuring the Tories are out of government for the next quarter of a century. But that’s not happening. My first reaction is in this video.

We are in dangerous times.

  • The EU is rudderless – and that was before #Brexit.
  • The Middle East is a proper war zone and the refugee crisis hasn’t gone away
  • Climate Change isn’t going away – it’s getting worse as we see more extreme weather events
  • and closer to home, Andrew Lansley wants to be a new executive mayor of Cambridgeshire – having already screwed up the NHS & charities’ relationship with Whitehall & Westminster


Puffles the dragon fairy watches over Market Square, Cambridge from the balcony of Cambridge Guildhall.

So…what happens next?

Well first of all Boris has run away. Coward. You broke it, you own it. But then he’s a busy boy outside of Parliament as his register of interests shows. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmregmem/150608/johnson_boris.htm – and interestingly South Cambridgeshire MP Heidi Allen spoke out against him.


Party conference season will be interesting – that’s normally the time when parties nominally re-approve whoever is the leader, subject to their party constitutions. Party conferences are also the primary major decision-making bodies for political parties, so the leadership crises should be resolved either by the time they take place, if not at them.

Whoever the next prime minister is, she or he will need to decide when/whether to activate Article 50 following the EU referendum result. In the meantime, institutions are responding as if #Brexit is a done deal. Understandable.

When negotiations begin, at some stage the Conservatives will need to explain why they won’t be able to implement the lies and false promises of the Vote Leave campaign. UKIP can simply sit back and watch the Tories stew – they don’t need to get involved, and can simply sit back and watch – potentially gaining from the Tories making a complete hash of the job that the likes of Gove and Boris created.

If/when the Government reports back saying they cannot get a deal that would result in anything other than crashing what’s left of the UK economy and stability in its institutions, the Government has to fall – unable to implement the will of the people according to the EU Referendum. We then have a general election.

It’s then in the park of the political parties – in particular the opposition ones as to whether they are in a fit state to fight such a campaign. The Lib Dems could stand to make up some of the ground they lost in 2015. The SNP could entrench their position in Scotland even further – and possibly kill of Labour in Scotland completely in their current form. Will, as the Greens are calling, the progressive opposition parties form a progressive alliance to keep the UK in the EU?

Should such a progressive alliance form and win (both very big ‘ifs’) then the only politically legitimate way they can overturn the EU referendum of 2016 is to hold another referendum on the EU in 2017 – perhaps with tighter rules on political advertising? The only way in the minds of (most of) the people that the EU referendum result is by holding a second referendum where the circumstances had changed significantly. A change of government is one of those circumstances. They then have to win that second referendum – something that is by no means guaranteed.

Spike in racist attacks.

I didn’t go out of the house on Sunday because of the reports. It’s been astonishing, appalling and frightening to see the result legitimising such disgusting behaviour. Facing it down and draining the poison from society won’t happen overnight. The tabloid media need to look at themselves closely – not that they will. The proprietors and editors don’t live in the same societies as we do. They are immune to the poison they have injected into society. Power without responsibility?

People are wearing paperclips in solidarity with those being attacked – see http://indy100.independent.co.uk/article/safetypin-the-simple-way-to-show-solidarity-with-the-uks-immigrant-population–ZJzeRPz6kHW – up to you if you choose to wear one. Look out for each other. There are a lot of frightened people out there. I’m one of ’em.


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