Be the change Cambridge returns…


…due to popular demand for a community event all about the Greater Cambridge City Deal

…which we’re planning for June 2016 – see

Turns out the Greater Cambridge City Deal has proved to be something of a catalyst as far as energising and mobilising community groups in Cambridge is concerned. You only have to look at the list of video playlists I have (see here) to get a feel for the level of community interest that has grown throughout 2015.


160121 MiltonRoadRA2The above two photographs, one from west Cambridge, the other from north-central shows the interest (mainly critical rather than supportive) from residents from just two of the initially proposed schemes.

Conspicuous by their absence? The views and input of young people – something I have consistently and persistently raised with the city deal authorities. So I asked a couple of Puffles’ Twitterfriends at their demo in support of striking sixth form college teachers.

…because anecdotally, teenagers and young adults in their 20s are not being included nearly as well as they could be – as this video also shows.

Big challenges lie ahead for all of us. As I mentioned on the Be the change – Cambridge Meetup page, the aims of this half-day gathering are to help people:

• To find out what the basics of the CIty Deal are

• To meet the grassroots campaign groups scrutinising the processes

• To hear about the ideas being put forward on the future of our city

• To meet and converse with people from other parts of the city that they might not have met

• To update their social media accounts so as to keep up to date with city deal developments – in particular up and coming community meetings

If you’re interested in taking part, please let me know.


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