What will you do that’s new in 2016?


Thoughts and links for a new year in and around Cambridge

If you’ve not seen it already, have a look through https://www.cambridgeshire.net/

It’s easy to forget just how active our city is. Come along to ‘Volunteer for Cambridge’ where around 100 groups and organisations will be holding stalls at Cambridge Guildhall on Sat 30 January.


Details of participating organisations is at http://www.cambridgehub.org/volunteer-for-cambridge

Got anything that needs repairing? Jump on the No.2 Bus to Chesterton and walk round to St Andrew’s Church Hall for a Repair Cafe http://www.meetup.com/Cambridge-Repairers/events/227156850/ on the same day (Sat 30 January 2016 from 1.30pm)

“I want to get fit…but sport is like too much effort!”

I know the feeling. What’s worked with me in the past is to take up an activity that involves movement and also feels like fun rather than pounding a treadmill. Cambridge has a number of dance clubs covering a range of dance styles.

Personally speaking I’d love to see Cambridge’s dance organisations get together to put on a big dance event at one of Cambridge University’s Colleges – perhaps for the summer where in a different room or tent you had a different dance style. Here’s hoping!

“I want to do something musical!”

The Duxford Saturday Orchestra is the place to be http://www.duxfordsaturdayworkshop.org.uk/ – I’d love to see them expand and run a Saturday workshop for adults only in the centre of Cambridge. Basically a version of the East London Late Starters Orchestra or the music courses that the Mary Ward Centre hosts.

There are lots of choirs around too – the one I’m part of, The Dowsing Sound Collective in Cambridge is full to bursting, but if you commute from Cambridge-London as I once did, their Camden Collective (along with Fulham & Greenwich) are looking for new singers to join. http://thedowsingsoundcollective.com/joining-dowsing/singers-wanted

Have a look at the groups listed by the Cycle of Songs project to see which one might suit you http://www.cycleofsongs.org/choirs/  or the more formal choirs at http://www.gerontius.net/cgi-bin/member.cgi?Town=Cambridge  Others not listed include:


“I’m passionate about something local – but where do I start with politics?”

With your local area committee meetings if it is a specific local issue https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/content/area-committees where you can turn up on the night to put your questions to elected councillors.

For the 2016 Cambridge City Council elections, see https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/elections – and make sure you are eligible to vote! It takes 5 minutes -> https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Parties that have stood candidates in local elections in the past include:

Also active are Cambridge Women’s Equality Party – who may stand candidates in Cambridge in 2016.

“I want to make a difference in local campaigns, but I don’t want to get involved with party politics”

If you are interested primarily in your neighbourhood, find your nearest residents association at https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/residents-associations

Interested in the future of Cambridge? Have a look at:

Community action for young people in Cambridge:

  • National Citizen Service http://ncseast.co.uk/ – what they do is ***excellent*** – aimed at year 11 & year 12 students
  • The Prince’s Trust Team – another excellent programme for 16-25 year olds http://www.camre.ac.uk/school-leavers/princes-trust/ (I did this after graduating from uni before I joined the civil service, even though the course is marketed primarily at those without qualifications).

So…those are a few highlights. As for me? I want to see more comedy shows this year in these dark times.

Anyone got any recommendations?


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