Tabled question for Cambridgeshire County Council, Dec 2015

I’ve tabled the following oral question for Cambridgeshire County Council, because I’m bored of getting stuck on buses & being late to things in the evening.

“Buses I am on regularly get blocked at the Hills Road/Lensfield Rd junction by the big church in Cambridge. Many years ago there used to be box junction penalties. No longer, and with no enforcement drivers regularly block the junction to traffic going north/south from Hills Road/Regents Street.

1) Who needs to do what to get that box junction re-instated – and if it is the county council, why are councillors & officers not taking action?
2) Who would be responsible for enforcement to get the message to anti-social drivers who choose to jump the stop line and block the entire junction
3) What considerations will councillors give to proposals for smart traffic management at tabled for the city deal?”
If you want to ask a public question to Cambridgeshire County Council, you need to email your question to by 08 December for answer at the full council meeting on the morning of 15 December

One thought on “Tabled question for Cambridgeshire County Council, Dec 2015

  1. I appreciate what I’m about to say will be contentious be here goes. They missed an opportunity to do many things at this junction but reinstating the box junction is not worth it. Do people actually avoid them? No. Do they just opportunistically ‘park’ in them? Oh yes. So why bother?

    Moving the pavement next to the Farmer’s Shop out (so making it wider than it is now) thus balancing both sides out would have been sensible. Having advanced greens for cyclists on all sides would be brilliant. Taking some of the car parking away on Regent’s Street. I’d much rather there was more space for bikes and pedestrians.

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