…And the doctor said…


Following last Monday’s appointment…which felt all too rushed.

Blood tests first – which I managed to get done on the same rainy day in which most of the people down Mill Road seemed to be drunk. So much for the street drinking ban.

I’m back on the coming Monday to find out the results. If they come back with nothing, then I get the referrals to the sleep clinic & mental health services. There’s the possibility that my thyroid is up the creak. Hence doing the tests first as my symptoms seem to match this.

I’m on a different ‘crisis’ medication – one I’ve been on before but one I said didn’t work last time because I assumed all doses were the same. But 10mg of one is not the same as 25mg of another. This one seems to have fewer side effects. Increasing the dose of the last one set me up in a rash – something I get very rarely & made me go ****eeek!****

I’m taking the rest of the week ‘off’ so to speak. I’m behind on lots of things so apologies for everyone waiting for an email or a reply. My next ‘target’ is being in a fit state for Sunday’s Dowsing rehearsal. If I can’t cope with that, I won’t be fit for the gig.


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