Final version of my film of the Cambridge Buskers Festival 2014


I’m strangely proud of this – for being proud of work I’ve done is an emotion I rarely feel.

Here it is:

Visually it’s not perfect – I’m still trying to figure out what happened in the conversion process that blurred it. I chose to go with the audio from Cobario’s album rather than with the audio footage I filmed. The track is called ‘Showdown’ and is available on iTunes.

“Why proud?”

I think it’s because it’s something I never saw in myself. My early digital video commissions were the result of my lack of digital video editing skills. We didn’t actually do much editing in the evening class I took recently. The focus – and I think rightly so – was on filming good clips. As a couple of the books on the subject have said that you cannot compensate at the editing stage for poor filming/positioning.

At the same time, the whole experience has got me thinking differently – and learning differently too. This was something I hadn’t really comprehended before. In the case of the filming, it’s learning a little and regularly. In the case of editing, there were a number of barriers that I came up against with the editing software that involved various searches to overcome. The perfectionist in me wants to work on the blurring of the footage which seems to have come before the compressing stage but after the filming stage.

The difference this entire project seems to have made is that I’m experimenting with software in the manner a creative type (such as my sister) would do, rather than expecting everything to work first time every time. This one got her nominated for the Next Director Award 2014.

One for owners of four-legged friends? Her other video work is here. Recognise any from telly?




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