A manifesto for Cambridge – my first draft.


My ideas on (electronic) paper

Well, this is quite a big deal for me – not least because it’s over 6,000 words of ideas. As a result, I have created a separate section on this blog’s title bar to bring the various ideas together. A 6,000 word blogpost is over-kill.

I spent a couple of days writing the whole thing up, by hand in Balzanos Cafe & deli in my neighbourhood. Sometimes you have to do things the old-fashioned way to allow your mind to work. I then typed it up on a single document and copied it onto here, broken down as set out below. Please note this is a ****first draft**** – posted here because I want to hear your comments, views & suggestions.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve still not yet decided whether to stand as proposed in this blogpost. Support and interest has been minimal and broadly negative. (All the more reason why Puffles should kick up a fuss?)

Anyway, my thoughts and ideas are as follows – though please note Puffles’ house rules (see here) apply


Part 1 – A manifesto: Because Cambridge can be better

Part 2 – What problems will this manifesto solve?

Part 3 – Pillars and themes Part 4 – Background

The ten themes 

Click on the relevant theme number to see what I’ve written in each one.

Theme 1) Grassroots challenge

Theme 2) Supporting young people

Theme 3) Community action

Theme 4) Lifelong learning for living

Theme 5) Civic responsibility from institutions

Theme 6) Supporting our friends and neighbours in surrounding towns and villages

Theme 7) On public buildings and public spaces

Theme 8) Green Cambridge

Theme 9) A safe city

Theme 10) A healthy and active city



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