35 ideas for Cambridge (and the surrounding towns & villages)


Some slides – with an idea for each one. What do you think? Do you have any of your own?


Any thoughts? Feel free to post comments at the end of this blogpost, write your own blogpost on your own blog or at http://cambridge.shapeyourplace.org/ or email me at antonycarpen [at] gmail [dot] com

Also, feel free to share widely in your communities too. If there are any that you like, feel free to pester your local political representatives, who you can find at https://www.writetothem.com/

There are elections coming up in May 2014 so the more of you that lean on your councillors to take these (and your own ideas) on board, the greater the chance they might be included in manifestos. (Or where they are forced to respond to your suggestions in public). With people in power or holding elected public office, my take is simple:

  • Suggest ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Demand answers

3 thoughts on “35 ideas for Cambridge (and the surrounding towns & villages)

  1. Regarding 13, I would think that the issue is rather the owners/cost – the previous two proposals (burlesque club and Jules Holland music venue) fell through because they didn’t get the extended licence hours they said they needed to be viable – in both cases, it was implied that the existing licence hours would not be a problem. All this suggests that the lease is rather expensive for most uses, and hence the main barrier to any scheme is going to be financial.

  2. I think 11 (programme of civic education) is potentially the most promising, from which many of the others can flow, in the long term. However I believe time in schools is already stretched, and I think it would take more than once a year to encourage engagement.

    10 (School/FE involvement in council meetings) is the obvious next step from this, provided we mean student engagement, with a guiding hand, rather than adults

    15 (Question time, local political debate) Cambridge Cycling Campaign usually hosts a question time inviting representatives from all local parties when there is an election. Obviously this is still election-focused, but more often than just for General Elections. Obviously this is a one-issue event, though it does mean the responses can be fuller on that issue.

    17 (Community notice boards) Like the idea, but the problem with these things is always maintenance of them. I quickly turn off when I realise community notice boards are hosting content that is months out of date, and paper is faded to illegibility. When will we see electronic notice boards that can be updated much more readily? The tube is doing a lot with digital advertising. Might need some moderation, but you could even let various people maintain and update with their own events.

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