Puffles’ Twitter Lists – Digital Women

This list stems from a workshop run by Jane O’Loughlin of Cabinet Office & the Government Digital Service. The #Digitalwomen listed below are those that turned up to and contributed to the workshop at UKGovCamp13.

Kate Norman – A lovely trouble-maker-in-chief (but in a good way!) bringing social media to the NHS in Cumbria.

Hadley Beeman – The go-to lady for all things #opendata, buzzing in and around technology policy too. Whenever she walks into a room, sunshine seems to follow.

Alex Schillemore – She’s been the brains behind a number of things across a couple of Whitehall departments. Back working with the brilliant Robin Riley.

Sharon O’Dea – One of the first people I met when Puffles really was ickle-wickle. Formerly dragging UK Parliament kicking and screaming into a social media age (this wouldn’t have happened if she had not done the hard ground work), now doing the same for a large bank.

Louise Kidney – Someone with a very strong local government background (one of too few civil servants to have moved from local to central government) who has brought a wealth of awesomeness to the Government Digital Service.

Sarah Baskerville – It was her fault for bringing myself and Puffles into the public sector social media fold during my civil service days. Sarah was one of the pioneers in the very early days of public sector social media, taking the hit from a national newspaper so you didn’t have to.

Anke Holst – Another long time guardian of Puffles (pictured here, also with Nick Halliday of National Audit Office). As with myself, outside of the public sector but a critical friend of it nonetheless

Val Pearce – At the opposite end of England to Kate, she’s one of several people driving social and digital media in Brighton – where I used to live. If a gathering by the seaside sounds like your sort of thing, have a look at CityCamp Brighton.

Emma Gawen – who along with the brilliant Alice Newton overhauled social and digital media at the Ministry of Justice. (Alice is now back at the Government Digital Service)

Mary McKenna – who like Anke above, is another bright and very experienced mind who is also a critical friend of the public sector. Has brought together a talented group of people at The Learning Pool.

Jane O’Loughlin – Guardian of “Baby Puffles” – the Government Digital Service’s in house dragon fairy and always a delight to be with. Shot old assumptions about public sector social media in Cambridge out of the water on a visit to meet 20 or so of us at Teacambs in 2012.

Natalie Luckham – who I finally got to meet at UKGovCamp13 after many many months of Twitter following. She’s lovely – and is essential following for anyone interested in local government social media.

Lily Dart – a new face I met at UKGovCamp13, a very good example of ‘not a usual suspect’ engaging in all things public sector, both in terms of the day job and in what she contributed to the workshop.

Ann Kempster – Ann has worked her socks off over the past few years on all things public sector digital, and has overcome some massive barriers in the process to have achieved some awesome things. The most recent success being co-launching CommsCamp earlier this year for local government. It speaks volumes that this event was oversubscribed four-times over.

Rowena Farr – Another new (to me) face at this event, and another good critical friend. Her work with DelibUK is worth keeping an eye on if using digital and social media for consultations and crowd-sourcing policy is something you’ve not done before but are interested in trying.

Liz Stevenson – my collaborator on all things teacambs – the Cambridgeshire spin-off of the Whitehall teacamp movement. Liz has been the main driving force on all things digital at Cambridgeshire County Council. Without her, we’d still be using chalk and slate. Oh, she can also dance too.

Anne McCrossan – An experienced wise owl who had been on Puffles’ radar but as is normal with such gatherings UKGovCamp13 was the first time I’d met her face-to-face. The engine behind Visceral Business & someone who voluntary and community sector organisations may be interested in.

“Yo Pooffles, surely there are more digital women out there??!”

Absolutely – and I’m going to link them through Puffles’ Twitterlists rather than rewrite the invention of the wheel.

Local Government: Featuring Helen ReynoldsKate Bentham and Kelly Parkes-Harrison – not forgetting Debbie Whittingham & Bridget Aherne on all things fire brigades. Local Government Twitterlist. Nick Keane has also asked me to add Amanda Coleman (who like Nick knows all things police) along with Laura Miller and Natalie Proffitt. In a similar field close to Cambridge is Hayley Morris (nee Cobb) of CambsCops

Communicating ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths’ (STEM): With  Sarah Castor-PerryMichelle BrookLou WoodleyHelen Keen and Phillipa Oldham. Communicating STEM Twitterlist.

The Civil Service: Featuring Alison Daniels and Eleanor Stewart at the Foreign Office, Martha Lane Fox‘s right-hand-lady Marketa Mach and TV star Pippa Norris (who was on telly recently about the pitfalls of Facebook).

Public Policy: Featuring  Institute for Government‘s Jill RutterLiz CarolanCatherine HaddonEllen Hallsworth and Justine Stephen. Also Charlotte Eisenhart of the LGA,  Jess Steele at Locality and Catherine Howe of Public i, but is so awesome she really needs a section to herself 🙂 Public Policy and Public Administration Twitterlist

Open Policy and Open Data: Featuring Laura Newman and Lucy Chambers who until recently were local to me in Cambridge. (Please come back!) Also Lynn Wyeth on all things freedom of information. Transparency Twitterlist.

Civil Society – the voluntary sector: Featuring more organisations than people, but worth having a look at anyway.

The media: Featuring local celebrity Liz Fraser of ITV Daybreak, Jayne Secker of Sky News and Penny Marshall of ITV News. Also including the lovely Sue Llewellyn – & Polly Curtis who almost gave me a heart attack when she started following Puffles while I was still in the civil service. In those days there were no rules. Media Twitterlist

Lawyers and legal tweeple: All the more important given the ever-growing legal focus on the status of social media posts too. Featuring Emily Goodhand aka Copyright GirlCaroline Bywater and, Joanne Flack. Also included are Suzy AshworthGail Marchant DaisleyCheryl Jones at Just Counsel & Joanne Cash. The Law Twitterlist

The next generation of young feminists: A few of them follow Puffles. Young, bright, opinionated and full of potential. You may not agree with them but they will make you think.

On life’s path are people who don’t really fall into any categories, but include and are not limited to:



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