Future digital video projects


Some ideas that we have had for future projects

Alice, Dave, Nyika, Kate and I threw some ideas against a blank canvas following our work on the first three digital video projects on introducing Facebook, introducing Twitter and introducing blogging via WordPress.

My call for your responses, and criteria within which to frame them, are on my website (Click!)

As mentioned in previous blogposts, it’s been an incredibly enjoyable learning experience for all of us, and it has stimulated a whole series of ideas for future digital videos that I feel I need from a ‘training people’ perspective, and for an information and campaigning perspective. All of us agreed that what we’ve learnt over the past few days will stand us in good stead, providing us with skills and experience that we can apply in both future employment and for campaigning and activism.

This blogpost lists a series of possible short digital video clips that we think it would be good to make. It is also an invitation for young students and graduates with limited work experience that follow & engage with Puffles & myself to put their names forward.

  • Cultural impact, how organisations can enhance their use of Facebook fan pages
  • How to run an online campaign in support of offline activity
  • Twitter hashtags and how they’re used
  • Where do ‘politics’ belong, Facebook or Twitter?
  • Matching text to audience; avoiding preaching to the converted or going over people’s heads; getting pieces published on blogs which have an audience that you wouldn’t normally reach
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Linkdin
  • Flickr
  • Skype
  • SEO
  • Cloud computing
  • Dropbox/Slideshare/Prezi
  • Portable Devices
  • RSS
  • Working from ‘We, The Web Kids’; digital nativity; the urgency of operating online

In defence of media studies

One of the big learning points is the benefit of having someone who is familiar with making digital film clips. The impact that Kate McAlpine – who has just completed her A-levels (including one in media) – has had has been significant. From what I have learnt observing the team is that digital media skills are becoming more and more important. The stereotype of ‘media’ courses being an easy or useless option is now becoming obsolete. The  problem is with firms and employers: the opportunities provided by social and digital media are out there, and there is a huge resource in our digitally literate and digitally native young (and not-so-young) people. Too many firms and employers are simply too ignorant to bring in and bring on our young people. How many job opportunities are out there where the employer is not demanding ‘the finished product’ – i.e. someone with extensive qualifications and working experience? Where are the adverts saying “I want someone who is passionate about X and is willing to learn and apply these new skills to our working environment”?


Much as I would love to commission teams to make digital videos for all of the above, the truth is that I cannot afford to do them all at once. Hence I will be looking to spread the production of all of these over a year or so. This will also allow me to build in some formal project management techniques that I can share as part of the activities.

What and who I am looking for

Young people that follow and engage with Puffles and Puffles’ followers. The reason for inviting young people is because of the high youth unemployment rate. I’m not automatically excluding older followers of Puffles – not least because you too will have something to bring to the table. But the primary purpose of these paid commissions (beyond the specific outputs) is to give young people that do not have the experience or the opportunities provided in the world of unpaid internships that opportunity.

The reason for making following and engaging with Puffles & other followers a criterion is because the most important phrase in the term ‘social media’ is the word ‘social’. Engaging regularly gives me a feel for who and what sort of a person you are, and which people you are most likely to work best with far better than any application form or job interview can. There’s also an issue of trust. All of the four people here can be vouched for by many other people within my social network. That trust has been built up over time. That is a significant investment. The fact that they have invested in me and my social media profile makes me all the more willing to invest in them.

With each of the platforms/social media tools listed, I’m also looking for individuals to take the lead on the one that they are most passionate about, use effectively and regularly. So if you are particularly familiar with one tool, have a think about what you would include in a 5 minute long digital video clip introducing the basics of that tool to someone who has never seen it before. At the end of the clip, the watcher should be able to set themselves up with that tool and use the basic processes.

What you can get from this:

  • Payment for the commission that works out at quite a bit more than the minimum wage
  • Learning new skills (in particular using new social media platforms) and improving existing ones (such as using a familiar social media platform in a different environment
  • Having the fruits of your work published on the internet and used at conferences, events and training sessions where you’ll be credited – thus raising your profile
  • A reference
  • New friendships and/or closer friendships with those who perhaps you have only engaged with online

If you are interested, please tweet to Puffles, post a comment at the end of this blogpost or contact me via here.

Employers or organisations looking to do something similar to what I have done with this project

If this is you and you are interested in having a digital video made about your organisation or firm, or a project that you are working on, and are interested in how I went about this, I am happy to talk to you. Please contact me via my website.


One thought on “Future digital video projects

  1. I think the Where do politics belong and the idea of text to audience would make a really interesting pair! Particularly as they compliment each other. Heard an interesting phrase that summed up (some of) my problems with Tumblr: that it was an “echo chamber community”. How do we best vary our audiences so we balance preaching to the converted and just frustrating ourselves with having to fight even the simplest concepts? (Blog commenting rules and safe spaces also go well here too!)

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