Digital media project Liveblog Q&A


Questions, answers and comments from the digital media project I’m working on with Alice, Dave, Kate and Nyika.

For the next few days I have four of Puffles’ favourite followers here working on my first digital media learning project. We’re going to use this page as a ‘live blog’ to throw questions out to the wider world and enable other people to contribute from afar.

The four main outputs we are aiming to make are:

  • A short digital video guide on how to use Twitter
  • A short digital video guide on how to use Facebook
  • A short digital video guide on how to blog using WordPress
  • A slightly longer digital video covering what we did and how we did it.

This project I hope will be the first of many where I commission groups of school, college and university leavers who need paid experience of working on ‘commercial’ projects to help boost their CVs and experience overall. As well as producing outputs that I will be using at future social and digital media training sessions, I hope these projects will allow us all to learn new skills and build on existing ones. The people working with me will gain experience of working with limited resources, working to tight deadlines, working in a team and basic project management as well as applying their social and digital media skills to a commercial project.

Day 1 questions

The first set of questions that we would like your comments on are:

  1. From Nyika – @Puzzledbyadream) How would you describe ‘blogging’ and what a blog is to someone who has never come across the concept before? Why would someone want to have a blog?
  2. From Kate @WhatKatie_did) How would you describe the concept of ‘Facebook’ to someone who has never seen or used it, but perhaps hears people talking a lot about it
  3. From Dave @MediocreDave) Do you have any examples of people or organisations that you think use Facebook well?
  4. From Alice @PenguinGalaxy) How would you describe Twitter to someone who has never used it?
  5. From me (via @Puffles2010) We want to do some screen-casting – recording the actions on our computer screens that we can turn into a digital video. (Such as an example of how to post a tweet or a blogpost). Which is the best programme to use for this action? (ideally for a Mac).

Day 2 Questions:

From Nyika – @Puzzledbyadream) “What are the best ways of getting people to both read and engage with your blog?”

What’s worked for me is blogging about things I am passionate about, then engaging through a small variety of limited platforms consistently. Also engaging with other people’s blogs too – whether tweeting links, posting short posts about the blog on Facebook groups or responding directly in the comments section. What’s most important is that you’ve built up something of a relationship with people you are asking directly to read your posts, rather than just turning up out of the blue and saying “Read me!” – as that has a feel of spamming.

From Kate – @WhatKatie_Did “Anyone on here who thinks using social media has helped their business?”

From all of us: Does anyone have any recommendations for suitable background music that we can use, and how to go about acquiring it for the purposes of making a ‘free to all’ digital video?

What do you think?

Grateful for your thoughts either in the comments section of this blogpost or as a response on Twitter to the individual that posted the question using @[Twitter name]

Many thanks


3 thoughts on “Digital media project Liveblog Q&A

  1. A few quick replies:

    @Nyika – this essay about blogging is a classic. For me essentially a blog is a chronological list of posts, written first person, and with a comments function. Beyond that the shape and approach varies according to taste. For me my blog is me online – unlike other social networks on my own blog I’m the one in control.

    @Kate – Facebook is like a bunch of school friends who have all left school, but want to stay in touch. Yet rather than writing e-mails to each other, or calling or texting each other, they communicate openly – so you can dip in and out of conversations. It works best for everyday human contact, not for campaigns or selling things. (Note: all you hear about in the mainstream media about Facebook or Twitter is the bad stuff, or the celebrity stuff. You don’t hear how it works for normal people).

    @Dave – I can’t help with that. I unliked all the Facebook pages I had liked *ages* ago, so I don’t know what’s good now.

    @Alice – unlike Facebook, Twitter is for people who don’t necessarily know each other. Why do they trust they should get communications from each other, i.e. from complete strangers? Because it’s hard to spam people in 140 characters. It’s like thousands of people sending text messages, but all of them in public, and with people choosing how and when they might reply.

  2. In terms of Q5 – to record the screen on a Mac I use, iShowU. The free demo lets you fully investigate its functions and see if it does what you need:

    Without knowing the target audience it’s hard to address the other questions.

    “How would you describe Twitter to someone who has never used it?”
    Don’t try – just show them Twitter.

    “How would you describe ‘blogging’”
    Again, consider not doing so. I don’t say I blog (though many others do), I say I write articles or publish material.


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