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Puffles at the Paralympics

Summary Crazy dragon bloke takes cuddly toy to Stratford Sports Day No – really, I took Puffles with me and they allowed us both in! I managed to get hold of a couple of pairs of tickets – one for … Continue reading

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Feel the fear…and do it anyway

Summary Trying to give some hope, experience and learning to some current and former students …Because at the moment the whole world is kicking far too much sand in their faces and it’s really not on. Whether you look at … Continue reading

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How can ‘geeks’ reach out to ‘non-geeks’?

Summary Another silo that needs to be broken, or are we content with our cylinders of excellence? This follows on from my post about a coding club for Cambridge, along with a talk at Cambridge Geek Nights. Observation “How can … Continue reading

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The Olympics goes on a short halftime break and world goes crazy

Summary Where has all this hatred for women come from of late? …because I’m at a total loss. The past few days have been really disturbing – whether the vitriol coming from ordinary people over social media, to those in … Continue reading

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I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Summary Finding activities that give me the ‘buzz’ Some of you will be aware that I used to do lots of dancing around five or so years ago. A combination of price, a lack of a ‘buzz’ at the clubs … Continue reading

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School sports

Summary Why a policy of 2 hours a week alone is not nearly enough to get children to take up sports. A lot of political pies have been thrown in this debate: Should schools be compelled to get children to … Continue reading

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Men, we need to engage with women.

Summary Why men need to talk about, with and listen to women. I think it was in the middle of my university days when I swamped myself with comedy tapes from charity shops that I really started opening my mind … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Natalie

Summary Why Green Party leadership candidate Natalie Ben’s idea could be a ‘game changer’ if she gets elected and implements her Leader’s breakfasts idea…but it’s not without its risks. The election of Caroline Lucas in Brighton in 2010 provided the … Continue reading

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When the Olympics started going right

Summary And you know what did it? Not the big celebrities, not the men in suits, not the corporations, but seemingly ordinary people achieving extraordinary feats. And the nation has responded accordingly. The contrast between the competitors and the bigwigs … Continue reading

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Are businesses right to be turning away from social media?

Summary No – and here’s why This post is in response to an article by the Daily Telegraph’s Digital Media Editor Emma Barnett, titled Businesses are right to be turning away from social media. The first thing that caught me was … Continue reading

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