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Olympians and social media

Summary Why these ones are much more fun – for me Well hasn’t it been exciting boys and girls! Actually, if you were watching the archery it was tremendously so. Each country with three archers firing away in groups of … Continue reading

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Summary Will the corporations and officials take a kicking over this? Empty corporate seats at UK sporting events are not a new phenomenon. The first time I came across this was at Euro ’96. I remember watching Romania vs Bulgaria … Continue reading

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In praise of Danny Boyle’s Olympics’ opening ceremony

Summary A ceremony that won over even the most stubborn of sceptics – myself included. With the negative publicity around the run-up to the Olympics, Danny Boyle had his work cut out. Given that context – and the wider global … Continue reading

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Fighting mental exhaustion, depression and general lethargy

Summary How long will this process take? Some of you may not be aware, but I went through a mental health crisis a few months ago – a crisis that knocked the stuffing out of me. I can’t help but … Continue reading

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Tax evasion, tax avoidance, tax breaks – can we get definitions right please?

Summary Trying to find clarity in the tax debate – and a way forward These terms are bandied about by all sides and unfortunately only succeed in blurring what for me at least are very serious issues. Tax evasion, tax … Continue reading

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Are young people politically apathetic? Not this lot

Summary Wingtips for some fine young minds – with more to be added Well…they have had sand kicked in their faces by the political establishment for stuff they didn’t do and/or wasn’t their fault, so they have a right to … Continue reading

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Is the Cabinet too big?

Summary Yes. (In my opinion). But why so, and what would a smaller Cabinet look like? This post in part is based on a select committee report calling for fewer ministers, along with a line in Ruth Porter‘s column in … Continue reading

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Cambridge railway station woes

Summary It’s my station and I’ll moan if I want to. But for those interested in contributing positively towards Cambridge transport, please respond to the County Council’s transport strategy consultation! Cambridge Station: It seems slightly random for a blog to feature … Continue reading

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The unintended consequences of the Olympics’ spotlight

Summary When issues previously mainly known about in activist circles hit the front pages. Such as: Sportswear being made in sweatshop conditions in poor countries Shortcomings with outsourcing security functions Censorship Traffic chaos caused by “VIP lanes” Poor living conditions … Continue reading

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Scrutinising an ever-fragmenting public sector

Summary How can we improve our systems of scrutiny following the G4S shambles? This was something that Margaret Hodge, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee raised in a recent evidence session with the House of Lords’ Constitution Committee. It’s something … Continue reading

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