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The case for a Leveson-style inquiry into banking

Summary Thoughts on why I think we should have a full judicial inquiry along the lines stated in Ann Pettifor’s epetition. Or put simply: Have a look at this table. (*Wingtip* QofE for the idea) Then have a look at this table. (*Wingtip* … Continue reading

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Cabinet Office comes to Cambridge

Summary Teacambs welcomes Jane O’Loughlin from Government Digital Service (GDS) Don’t say Puffles didn’t tell you! We were lucky to have the presence of Jane O’Loughlin from GDS at Teacambs the day after Puffles’ visit to GovUK Towers. I first met Jane … Continue reading

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In praise of…the Government Digital Service

Summary And it’s not just because they took Puffles out for a pub lunch! Puffles and I were in London (again) on Wednesday to meet some friends from the Government Digital Service. The wander round GovUK Towers reminded me of … Continue reading

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Liborgate – Banks behaving badly…again

Summary Time for a Leveson-style inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of banking? That’s what this petition is calling for – and I agree. I’ve thrown my dummy out of the pram around all things banking, finance and economics … Continue reading

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Calamity Chloe hits the headlines

Summary Chloe Smith hits the buffers – but was it all her own fault? As political TV interviews go, this one was excruciating. One that I expect is going to be recalled by many a political watcher.  It should have … Continue reading

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A Cambridge coding evening class/club?

Summary I want one. Now. Because I can’t make work in the way I want it too and there are too many gaps in my knowledge and I can’t sit still for five minutes and work from a book … Continue reading

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On housing benefit cuts

Summary Why has the Prime Minister not opted for the more difficult decisions? The Prime Minister delivered a speech on welfare reform which has polarised opinion. His supporters have responded broadly positively, while his opponents have responded with various levels … Continue reading

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Encouraging councillors to blog

Summary A cross-post from my main website Those of you who are local government-watchers may be interested in this article I’ve published about encouraging local councillors to start blogging.

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What Puffles spotted on the blogs & online – 23 June 2012

Summary A slightly new take on my blogposts and an attempt to make me browse through all the stuff I send through to instapaper. Eurozone Frances Coppola continues to dig around the Eurozone crisis with the quotation: “JP Morgan estimates … Continue reading

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“Yeah…who’s that bloke with Puffles?”

Summary You know your social media persona has made it when…exactly. Just a short half-sober blogpost after arriving back on the right side of 2am on a Saturday morning. I turned up to @KayGeeUK ‘s party a short stumble from … Continue reading

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