“Election candidates suck up to cuddly toy”

I simply had to post a link to this one!

Shallot Cambridge (a local take on The Onion in the USA – responsible for gems such as Congress passes Freedom From Information Act and Congressman Hurt To Discover Lobbyist Not Really His Friend) launched recently with a remit of lampooning local politics and politicians.

Today’s blogpost from the little onion features Cambridge’s most high profile dragon fairy – lampooning the politicians that engage with Puffles. Here’s Puffles with my local MP Julian Huppert, and here’s Puffles with my current local councillor George Owers of Labour – who is standing for election again at the local elections next week. (The list of candidates in my neck of the woods is here, but none of the other candidates has called round, delivered any leaflets or contacted me on social media, so I don’t really know much about them.)

Puffles must have done something right – Shallot even has its own Puffles-inspired house rules! Keep up the fun work everyone.


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