Teacambs – a meeting of public sector social media types in Cambridge

Just a short post today.

Some of you will be familiar with the Teacamp network in Whitehall. Well, a few of us decided it would be a good idea to start something similar in Cambridge. So we did. We call it Teacambs – click on the link to see what we’re about.

Puffles launched the first one where around ten people came along to talk about social media guidance in the public sector – a few weeks before I talked about the same thing to the Whitehall group.

Teacambs is not restricted to people in the public sector – it’s open to anyone locally who has an interest and/or a passion for using social media to help improve public services in Cambridgeshire.

The next gathering is this Thursday 26 April from 4pm. Matthew Hall from Cambridgeshire County Council will be doing a short talk about the ShapeYourPlace work in Fenland and East Cambs. Is this something Cambridge and South Cambs can learn from?

All of this I hope will help in our efforts to Bring Cambridge(shire) Together


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