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The music industry – from a consumer perspective

Summary How the music industry has changed – in my eyes. I can’t help but thing the music industry was setting itself up for the most almighty collapse throughout the 1990s. I remember in the very late 1980s (when I … Continue reading

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On mental exhaustion

Summary Some thoughts on my recovery, and what next for the future. No recovery is pain free. As Mind point out in How to rebuild your life after breakdown, some of my relationships with people have come under strain. A … Continue reading

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Did Jeremy Hunt ask civil servants to act unlawfully?

Summary As Jeremy Hunt fights for his political career, this post looks at the role of his civil servants. The Culture Secretary is in more than a little bit of hot water – the testimony and written evidence causing something … Continue reading

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“Election candidates suck up to cuddly toy”

I simply had to post a link to this one! Shallot Cambridge (a local take on The Onion in the USA – responsible for gems such as Congress passes Freedom From Information Act and Congressman Hurt To Discover Lobbyist Not Really His Friend) … Continue reading

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Teacambs – a meeting of public sector social media types in Cambridge

Just a short post today. Some of you will be familiar with the Teacamp network in Whitehall. Well, a few of us decided it would be a good idea to start something similar in Cambridge. So we did. We call … Continue reading

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What happens when ministers don’t answer questions at conferences?

Summary What happened when Puffles put The Impact of Social Media on Whitehall to the test [Update 1 – Dr Julian Huppert submitted the questions to Mr Stunell in a letter to him dated 07 June 2012. Awaiting DCLG’s response] … Continue reading

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The Thoughts

Summary I wrote down all of the thoughts going through my head between 7:30 and 8:00 am on the morning of 22 April 2012. This I hope gives you an idea of what my mind has to deal with in … Continue reading

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On A-Level reform

I posted this on The Student Room in a thread about reforming A-levels and am reposting it here. What exams boil down to are a measurement of someone’s ability in a given field against an arbitrary measure at a given … Continue reading

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Bringing Cambridge together

Summary This blogpost is aimed primarily at people in Cambridge – my home town – who can “make good stuff happen”. “For quite some time now I’ve felt Cambridge has the potential to be far greater than the 
sum of … Continue reading

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Quacks – and I’m not talking about ducks

Summary Search for a cure One of the things that is a cause for angst for me is having gone in the opposite direction mental health-wise despite doing what felt like so many of the textbook things to improve my … Continue reading

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