Quick post – a pub lunch in Cambridge on 25 March?

DN – please note change of date as previous one clashed with Mothers’ Day

Every so often I organise pub lunches in London for Puffles’ followers. Of late we’ve been getting anywhere between 10-20 people turning up at various points on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The problem I had with Cambridge was finding a suitably nice place that does lovely food. Unfortunately too many pubs seem to have a set menu run by a regional brewery chain. My younger brother who used to work in a bar/restaurant in Cambridge always advised me against having food in restaurants that have huge menus as this indicates a lack of fresh ingredients used. Hence refraining from organising one until I stumbled across the Hopbine’s menu on Friday. It’s “Black rock grill” worked brilliantly for me – one of the best steaks I’ve ever had anywhere.

If you’d like to join me & others (see http://www.thehopbine.co.uk/where_to_find_us.html on location) from around 12:30pm on Sunday 25 March, please DM or reply via @Puffles2010 or leave a note in the comments field so I can get a feel for numbers.

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5 Responses to Quick post – a pub lunch in Cambridge on 25 March?

  1. Sounds good. Will see what I’m doing that day – looks clear at the moment!. Trip to Cambridge would be nice, haven’t been there for years.

  2. Very sorry but I’m prebooked… if that falls through then I’ll come🙂

  3. oh, though that’s in the later afternoon so I may be able to fit both in🙂

  4. Ben Donnelly says:

    I’m afraid I’m also prebooked for that date. Hopbine’s an excellent choice though!

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