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Making a short film about Puffles

Summary Challenges of striking out in this new world of social and digital media Despite fighting off a persistent cold, with the help of Andy Bower and Ceri Jones (who are at polar opposites of the political spectrum if there … Continue reading

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On faith-based schools

Summary: With the expansion of faith-based schools, politicians have a duty to put in place better safeguards for those who choose to turn away from/reject the faiths that they have been brought up in. Some of you will be familiar … Continue reading

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“If you don’t like what we do, don’t buy our products!”

Summary The metrics of sales and votes are very blunt when trying to understand what people are trying to tell both firms and political parties. Are there more sharper, more intelligent feedback mechanisms?  It’s a line that every so often … Continue reading

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My favourite German

…historical figure Summary: In praise of Kaiser Friedrich III (b 1831, d 1888) In my second blogpost I said I’d one day blog about the greatest emperor Germany never had. Well…he reigned for 99 days in 1888. “Long-live the dying … Continue reading

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The right to be forgotten – II

I first blogged about this during my early blogging days. The reason why I have come back to this is because of recent coverage of Facebook’s announcement regarding the compulsory Timeline, and due to the announcement from the EU Justice … Continue reading

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Social media has ways of making big businesses talk

…even when they don’t want to. Summary Big gym firm forced to climb down after social media fire storm – but not until the damage was already done. It all started off with Lisa Bachelor’s article on LA Fitness & … Continue reading

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Beyond UKGovCamp 2012

Summary At future UKGovCamp gatherings, civil service policy officials and elected representatives  – councillors and MPs – should come along.  At the 2011 UKGovCamp I was one of the few ‘policy civil servants’ who came along – and it was … Continue reading

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The impact of social media on Whitehall

Summary I ran a workshop at UKGovCamp to try and tease out how attendees thought social media was impacting on Whitehall. Please read the blogpost UKGovCamp2012 (and the slide pack at the end) before reading this post. Puffles got about everywhere … Continue reading

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UKGovCamp 2012

Summary: What I want to give to the UKGovCamp 2012 gathering after a splendid time last year. 2 workshops – one on protecting public servants that use social media, and another on the impact that social media is having on … Continue reading

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Decentralised trade unions

I’ve been pondering this one for quite some time – something that first kicked off in my mind while I was a trade union rep during my civil service days. It was around the time the student protests kicked off … Continue reading

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