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I want to bring you all together

You could say that this is the next step from Peter/@PME200 ‘s earlier People blogpost, as well as being a little attempt to end 2011 on a reasonably high note. It’s been a bit rubbish for more than a few of … Continue reading

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The ghost of Christmas future

This blogpost goes beyond future Christmases and covers some of the issues I raised in The curses of isolation and loneliness – something that Frances Coppola covers in her post on loneliness at Christmas. It is also the third and final … Continue reading

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A good day to bury bad news? On Lansley’s NHS reforms

Puffles’ Twitterfeed went into overdrive this afternoon as I made my way back from  Christmas in Bristol. The outrage was over the plans to increase the limit of income NHS Trusts can generate from private work from 2% to 49%. … Continue reading

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The ghost of Christmas present – Christmas on Twitter

…which is sort of what it’s been this year. I can’t imagine I’m the only person who has backlashed against the religion of their upbringing to find themselves in a more-than-awkward situation or three at the annual religious festivities. Wave … Continue reading

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Puffles’ Twitter Lists – Civil Society

…as opposed to “uncivil society”? Not quite – it’s the Government’s new term for the VCS – the Voluntary and Community Sector. Much as I’d like to have a vote on who our next head of state should be, and … Continue reading

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The ghosts of Christmases Past

Having been brought up having to go to church every Sunday during childhood, the religious aspect of Christmas is something that will never be far away from me so long as I am still alive. In my first three years … Continue reading

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On the Greens and the Liberal Democrats

One of the things I’ve been pondering over is the long term impact that being in government will have on the Liberal Democrats – and to a smaller extent, the Greens in Brighton which are leading a minority council there. … Continue reading

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Would these adverts kindly get out of my face?

“But Pooffles! Don’tcha wanna follow the latest clone from Zed-Factor?!?” Umm…no thanks. There were two things that drove this blogpost. The first was two visits to the cinema. The second was changes to a number of social media platforms that … Continue reading

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In praise of mentors

It seems strange to praise something that I’ve never really had. Perhaps it’s because of that void that I somehow appreciate what I never had along with the positive impact it could have had. I’m talking about mentors. One of … Continue reading

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2011 – a review (of sorts)

Around this time of year I normally go through a process of looking at what has happened over the past 12 months from the mindset of: Where was I this time last year? Where did I want to be at … Continue reading

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