Puffles Twitter List – law and legal eagles

I’m going to keep this entry short – the last one was far too long and should have been broken up into bitesize chunks. My original plan was to combine law and media, but have decided to keep the two separate.

Let’s start with Jack of Kent – aka David Allen Green who I was introduced to by Sarah Baskerville after UKGovCamp in the pub-fuelled aftermath of what was a life-changing event – no, really. It was the event that made me think about digital and social media being a future career direction. David has been a goldmine of information and analysis on #Hackgate – so much so that he’s been dragged onto our small screens. His recommendations for this blog trebled the hits for the day he sent out that tweet and his recommendation for Puffles on one occasion added an extra 200 followers – for which I’m extremely grateful.

Tweeting in a similar field to David, but from an academic perspective is Paul Bernal of the University of East Anglia. As well as media law, he covers intellectual property and IT law.

Some of the most interesting of female legal types that regularly appear in Puffles’ Twitter feed for the right reasons include Suzy Ashworth (who is lovely), one of my local councillors and family lawyer Cllr Gail Marchant Daisley (Labour) and Cheryl Jones at Just Counsel. Also, ex Conservative PPC & human rights lawyer Joanne Cash has also started tweeting again.

Mike Semple Piggot who tweets as Charonqc  is the genius behind a number of highly-regarded legal podcasts under his own avatar ID and also the Without Prejudice podcasts. We also share a liking for a nice bottle of Rioja. He was one of the first top legal experts that Puffles picked up on via Twitter, as was Tim Pitt Payne QC

Joanna Martin is an employment lawyer at Simons Muirhead and Burton whose tweeting shot across Puffles’ feed. As a former trade union representative I started following to cascade the nuggets of wisdom that appear on her feed. Ditto with Chrissie Lightfoot who tweets at TheNakedLawyer.

Simon McKay is a name that regularly popped up on the back of the excellent work done by Nick Davies who, between the two of them have sent Murdoch’s empire into a spin – something messrs Tom Watson MP and Chris Bryant MP have also been doing and at great personal risk too.

There’s a steady stream of useful tweets from Out-law News – which is part of the Pinsent Masons empire. The same can be said re useful tweets from LegalAware at BPP The Lawyer Magazine and The Law Society Gazette – see what’s troubling our legal profession. I also keep tabs on John Cooper QC for similar reasons.

Milly B and Charlie Fox are two of my favourite legal tweeters in these parts – in part because their legal observations are very ‘raw’ – i.e. not surrounded in the sort of stuff I used to have to wade through in my old job. (Public-sector-management-bovine-excrement-speak). I also keep tabs on Katy Dowell G-Louise and Emily Goodhand aka Copyright Girl. Between the four of them. These tweeple provide a unique counterbalance to the tweets to the gentlemen mentioned earlier on on this post. I find having that balance between the two genders to be essential.

In the planning world, Caroline Bywater is someone who both covers this subject and is local (to me) being based in Cambridge

Joanne Flack is another specialist lawyer, focussing on intellectual property and technology law – something that is becoming increasingly complex and complicated as technological progress shoots ahead at breakneck speed. Mine was the last generation that went to school in the pre-internet age. In my year out between college and university, the world went online. I’m still in my early 30s. Exactly.

Abie Longstaff is one for police officers – she’s a legal policy analyst at the Police Foundation (and a non-practising barrister). Someone who I assumed was on here but to my horror found out was not, is Kim Evans – who tweets about life representing those on the other side of the custody sergeant’s desk.

Mark Stephens is the nice cuddly bloke of the telly. Actually he’s more than that – he is a grandmaster of media law who you may have seen in the Wikileaks press coverage. He’s been on the telly discussing legal news since my teens.

For those of you who want to stand up for a tabloid hate-figure/organisation such as (allegedly) politically-correct woolly liberals, Liberty are on Twitter. Let’s not have the non-law of the angry mob please. Some of you may also be aware that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has its own human rights Twitter account too – this is separate from the main account.

On the freedom of information front, Maurice Frankel’s Campaign for Freedom of Information is tweeting at CampaignFoI. Frankel has been campaigning on this issue since 1984. I was at primary school when he started this. FoIManUK has also taken up the FoI cause, as have those web developers at WhatDoTheyKnow

Again, this article will be updated as and when I realise I’ve missed out someone and/or I stumble across someone who needs adding.


One thought on “Puffles Twitter List – law and legal eagles

  1. Hey, just a very small point – some of your readers may identify with a system of more than two genders, in which case one should probably be saying ‘all genders’ rather than ‘both the genders’ (same principle behind not defaulting to ‘he’ when we mean a generic person)… but sorry to nitpick, and thanks for another great follow-Friday list 🙂

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