Puffles’ Follow Friday Twitter List – Campaigns and Campaigners

This helping of the #PufflesTwitterList covers those people, organisations and beings that Puffles has stumbled across over the past ten months or so. This list will be updated and refreshed as making this comprehensive is no easy task.

I don’t pretend that these lists are ‘politically neutral’ – they are a reflection of my employment and life experiences – & what I have learnt from them more than anything else.

Trade union related campaigning

I used to be an elected representative of the Public and Commercial Services Union, as well as for the FDA Union during my time in the civil service. The Wordle of my first 21 blogposts after leaving the civil service spells out why.

Party-political activists

Party politics has been taking a big kicking for a number of reasons. These people have defied that trend and have chosen to engage in party-political activism for their respective political parties. Listed in alphabetical order by party.




Liberal Democrat


  • Gail Lythgoe – convener of SNP Students
  • Loony News – the Monster Raving Loony Party’s Twitter feed. The 99p coin? Painting grey squirrels red to increase the latter’s population? Fast food having labels stating “Warning: may contain traces of real food”? Children to be given two birthdays like the Queen? Genius!

General Politics, Public Administration & Current Affairs.

There are some people (myself included) who don’t really fall into any categories. We all have our own personal views, but this lot in general try to cover the issues as they are rather than through a party-political lens. Others cover specific parts of what I call the political compass matrix.

  • Total Politics (political editor Amber Elliott) – the brainchild of Iain Dale whose blogs I found to be compelling reading, even though there was many an occasion where I disagreed with him. As with Private Eye, I’d probably buy the magazine more often if it had a bigger print/more pages. (I don’t like reading magazines with tiny print – or too many adverts)
  • Institute for Government (including Justine Stephen) – I’m still surprised that the UK does not have a big name “School of Public Administration” unlike say France or the USA. The IoG plus the National School of Government and UCL’s Constitutional Unit (tweeting @ConUnit_UCL)have similar interests but given the size of the public sector, the institutions listed seem small fry compared to the numbers employed and the amount of expenditure.
  • Andrew Simms of the New Economics Foundation – the latter of which I first stumbled across towards the end of my economics degree. My view of economics is that it is the study of how limited resources are distributed in a society of unlimited wants. The Foundation goes beyond the constraints imposed on the subject by traditional ‘free market’ thinkers and look at the subject with the assumption that both people and the environment matter.
  • Mike Smithson of Politicalbetting I’m not the sort of person who puts money on political events, but I keep tabs on him to see who the betting markets think is in trouble, as well as on opinion polling.
  • BBC This Week BBC Newsnight & BBC Question Time – I tend to rate the first of the three because you get insights from people who have been in the furnaces and the decision-making chairs that the politicians of today find themselves in. Always interesting to see how some politicians have mellowed with age. BBC Question Time is good for drinking games/bovine faeces bingo as all the politicians read out their ‘lines’ that their advisers have told them they must read out, while the token lefty media type and right-wing columnist fight for who can shock the most.
  • Ipsos Mori – the polling and research organisation headed by Ben Page
  • Red Pepper Magazine – A left wing politics and international issues magazine and one I used to get during my university days.
  • Lords of the Blog – which members of the House of Lords are saying what outside of the chamber?
  • LSE Impact Blog and LSE Politics Blog – from the London School of Economic and Political Sciences
  • Dr Dave O’Brien – Leeds Met academic in public policy and public administration
  • Media Standards Trust – because news matters

Other campaigns and campaigners

Student-related campaigning

Tax-avoidance and tax evasion issues

Disability & equal rights campaigns


2 thoughts on “Puffles’ Follow Friday Twitter List – Campaigns and Campaigners

  1. Hello Puffles! Thank you for adding me to your list. I am very honoured! Just so you know, it’s not quite the case that I have ‘previously stood for Labour’. I am actually ‘about to stand for Labour’ in the forthcoming local elections. The jelly bellies are in the post!

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