Puffles’ Twitter Follow Friday List – Elected politicians

Puffles’ Twitter feed follows over 1000 accounts, ranging from individual people who I happen to have met to the largest of global institutions. For those of you not on Twitter, there is a ‘tradition’ that some have on Fridays where they recommend other accounts to their followers – otherwise known as ‘Follow Friday’ with the hashtag #ff

The problem with an account like Puffles is that wanting to recommend so many accounts for a myriad of different reasons can end up spamming accounts and a number of followers have stopped following as a result of the deluge of tweets. Hence the theme of posts under “Puffles Twitter Lists” contain just a handful of people who I think are worth following – with reasons why.

Elected representatives and holders of public office – by party (in alphabetical order)



  • Caroline Lucas MP – for Brighton Pavilion (where I used to live) she achieved a major breakthrough for the Greens by becoming their first MP at the 2010 general election. One of the best constituency MPs and campaigning MPs in the country.
  • Keith Taylor MEP – South East England, I’ve been keeping tabs on him for over a decade when I met him over ten years ago when he was both a councillor and candidate for Brighton Pavilion in the 2001 and 2005 general elections.
  • Alison Johnstone MSP and Patrick Harvie MSP – two Scottish Green MSPs in the Scottish Parliament
  • Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson for the London Assembly
  • Cllr Jason Kitcat of Brighton and Hove Council – worth following as he’s an executive councillor where the Greens form a minority administration in the first council run by the party. Cllrs Alex Phillips & Ben Duncan also tweets regularly from Brighton and Hove.
  • Cllr Richard Mallender – Chair of Nottingham Green Party.
  • Cllr Gus Hoyt – the first Green councillor elected in North Bristol
  • Cllr Adam Pogonowski – one of the youngest councillors in the country who broke new ground by becoming one of the first Green councillors for Cambridge.


  • John McDonnell MP – longtime campaigner on trade union and workers’ rights issues, as a former PCS Union rep, there were times when it felt like he was the only person in Parliament that was standing up for civil servants
  • Barry Gardiner MP – former Mayor of Cambridge, stall-holder of ‘The Bottle Stall’ at the Christmas and summer fetes of my old primary school and generally someone who was a very familiar face in my childhood who ‘made it big’ later on following election to Brent North. Currently Ed Miliband’s climate change & environment special envoy
  • Chuka Umunna MP and Dr Stella Creasy MP – two of Labour’s finest constituency MPs – while it’s good for the former to be on Ed Miliband’s front bench, the Treasury Select Committee has lost out. Stella has been outstanding going after loan sharks and also sits on the Public Accounts Committee
  • Tom Watson MP – When he was at Cabinet Office he sparked off interest in using data held by the public sector to improve public services. I’ve been keeping watch ever since. Now one of the key drivers (Along with Chris Bryant MP) of the investigations into phone hacking by the media
  • Kerry McCarthy MP –  Former councillor in Luton, now MP for Bristol and one of the shadow ministers keeping tabs on The Treasury
  • Grahame Morris MP – Chair of Labour Left
  • Barbara Keeley MP – On the Health Select Committee – as is Grahame Morris
  • Richard Howitt MEP – the sole Labour MEP for East Anglia and the only MEP of East Anglia’s suite who I can find that is active on Twitter
  • Cllr George Owers & Cllr Carina O’Reilly – Two younger councillors pounding the streets of Cambridge, and of the more active social media users on Cambridge City Council. He’s also doing a history PhD so one for historians of politics and political thought too. Cllr Tariq Sadiq (Cambridgeshire County Council) and Cllr Lewis Herbert can also be found on Twitter, but Labour types need to persuade them to tweet more!
  • Cllr Kerri Prince – Town Councillor for Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council in Hertfordshire, elected while still doing her A-Levels. Just started university.

Liberal Democrat

Other Parties

  • Nigel Farage MEP – UKIP leader, Bremner Bird and Fortune came up with the acronym “Understanding Kilroy’s Image Problem” – not a fan of his politics but he is a confident in front of the cameras and interviewers
  • Leanne Wood AM – Plaid Cymru for South Wales Central – always useful to keep tabs on politics in the other elected assemblies.


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