House Rules

I wrote a set of House Rules for Puffles, which were first posted on Soph Warnes’ blog in late 2010. The purpose of these rules were to scare off journalists from trying to sting me in the way the corporate media went after my good friend Sarah Baskerville. (See Patrick Butler on this, here.)

On the whole, those original house rules remain for this blog – with the exception of being able to engage in party-political issues. My general principles regarding engaging with this blog are:

1)   Don’t be evil

2)   Don’t hate

3)   Don’t be disruptive


4)   Give credit for good stuff where it’s due – even if it’s from someone from a different political affiliation/viewpoint to yourself

5)   Try to separate facts and evidence from opinion and personal disposition

6)   Share and share alike

The difference house rules have made with Puffles is that they set expectations early on – people knew soon enough what sort of creature and account they were engaging with. Disruptive people were either blocked or simply lost interest as a result of being ignored. Life’s too short and I’ve wasted more than enough of it already.


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