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Breaking down the barriers between town and gown

It may have Cambridge University’s rubber stamp on it, but the Festival of Ideas (19-30 October) goes beyond the ivory towers. For those who want to see what’s on, have a look at the programme. (PDF file) This year, the Festival strands … Continue reading

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Public understanding of science

I wandered along to the Cambridge Skeptics’ event The Public Understanding of Science where the lovely Dr Alice Bell was holding court at an evening in the Maypole pub that was standing room only. An excellent event not for the … Continue reading

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Why are shoes not feet shaped?

Simple question really but one of those questions that is both child’s play but also a serious design issue. During the 1980s back in the day, a trip to the shoe shop meant having my feet measured not just for … Continue reading

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They say getting your first suit is a ‘right of passage’ for a young man growing up. Ditto a tailor-made suit if you head into a career that is predominantly office-based. But I’m no longer based in an office. So … Continue reading

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Socrates and Brazil’s World Cup of 1982

One of the most painful pieces of football viewing for me is that of the game Italy vs Brazil where the Italians won 3-2 through the implosion of Brazil’s defence. Much has been made in old school footballing circles of … Continue reading

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A wordle for the first 21 posts

A snapshot of what this ex-civil servant has been blogging about.

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Parliamentary Select Committees

I’ve been a Parliament-watcher for some time now – almost to the stage where during my final days in the civil service I felt myself being more on the side of Parliament than the executive that I served. Having spent … Continue reading

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Music makes us one

Back in what was left of 2008 I made a short diary entry about reflections on childhood – mainly on my own upbringing, where people who had a big impact on me at the time were now, and my own … Continue reading

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Giving them hope

When McDonalds is publishing adverts standing up for young people, you know that something has gone badly wrong with how society and the big institutions of our country have been looking out for the interests of our young people. Behind … Continue reading

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Test match advertising – it’s just not cricket!

I went to my first test match today courtesy of my lovely friend and cricketing fanatic Laura – the final day of the fourth test at Kennington Oval. The series had already been won and the match as good as … Continue reading

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