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Grace Sarah leads the musical line in Cambridge

Summary A stunning musical set by one of my favourite musicians – a humbling experience to have watched her grow over the past 18 months I first heard about Grace when she was featured on BBC Look East in late … Continue reading

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What was wrong with Ed Miliband’s strategy for the Euro elections?

Summary On why Ed Miliband could not ‘make and shape the news’ during the campaign in the way he and his communications advisers wanted to Over a week before polling day, I questioned Ed Miliband’s strategy – see here. Essentially … Continue reading

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Localising voter-engagement campaigns

Summary Has anyone else tried something similar to the posters I’ve made and put up in local bus stops? I’ve made a few versions of this poster. Chris Rand has made online guides for the Queen Ediths ward – see … Continue reading

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Who will you vote for in Cambridge? A poster, a speech & a website

Summary of what me and Ceri have made so far Mini-manifesto – 140516 Puffles MiniManifesto V1 The living manifesto (See here) Updates on our (under-used) Facebook page here – though it’s the second most popular Facebook page of the local parties/candidates in … Continue reading

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Puffles spends the afternoon with some of our top historians

Summary What we learnt at the launch of the new History and Policy website event at Kings College London …other than I had forgotten how frustrating the Cambridge-London commute can be! Some of you may recall me describing history as … Continue reading

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Hitting the musical highs with the Dowsing Sound Collective

Summary And this was just the rehearsal Me and Puffles were in Bury St Edmunds earlier, rehearsing with the Dowsing Sound Collective and trying out a potential venue. Although arriving in the darkness, the sense of bland early 21st-century identikit … Continue reading

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No, you weren’t supposed to take that spoof seriously!

Summary I can’t compete with this… In a blogpost not so long ago, I looked at how British history might be viewed through the eyes of countries that England/Great Britain/The UK has been at war with over the centuries. It … Continue reading

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Learning from Cambridge Skillsfest – in more ways than one

Summary The concept seems to work, and several environmental groups that had previously not heard of each other met for the first time. But the challenge of encouraging three quite distinctive communities in Cambridge to turn up in numbers to … Continue reading

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Parliament challenges Puffles for Parliament Week 2014

Summary The Director of Public Engagement at Parliament challenges Puffles the Dragon Fairy to make Parliament Week 2014 happen in Cambridge. Cambridge people and institutions: Are you up for the challenge? Don’t believe me? . @AileenWalkerUK lays down the challenge … Continue reading

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Ellen Page speaking from **my** heart too?

Summary Why Ellen Page’s speech at Time To Thrive resonated with me too.  Watch and listen: “Ellen who?” She was the lead character in the film Juno. At the time, I remember thinking: “Now, why don’t I have someone like … Continue reading

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